UVG Unfallversicherungsgesetz (Accident Insurance Act)
VUV Verordnung über die Unfallverhütung (Accident Insurance Ordinance)
BauAV Bauarbeitenverordnung (Construction Labour Ordinance)
KranV Kranverordnung (Crane Ordinance)
StGB Strafgesetzbuch (Criminal Code)


  • Work at height must be properly planned.
  • Fall protection measures must be implemented from 2.0m and higher.
  • When working at a height of 3.0m and more, façade scaffolding, catch scaffold, surface scaffold or safety nets are mandatory.
  • Floor and roof openings must be secured, regardless of the fall height.
  • Fall arrest measures must be implemented from a fall height of 2.0m above fragile roof surfaces.
  • Exceptions to the above: work on roofs of short duration (max. 2 person working days), on roofs (from 3.0m) and on mobile ladders
  • Collective protection (e.g., scaffold) and technical solutions (e.g., lifting platforms) are preferable to PFPE
  • PFPE should only be used when other collective safety measures are technically unfeasible or proven to be more dangerous
  • If the use of PFPE is necessary, a written safety and rescue concept for PFPE must be drawn up in consultation with an Occupational Safety specialist.
  • Work with personal fall protection equipment can only be carried out by properly trained personnel
  • Working alone with PFPE is not permitted.
  • On-site rescue must be always possible, within 10-20 minutes, with means available on site (permanent physical injury can occur within 10 minutes)

Construction Labor Ordinance (BauAV)
Accident Insurance Ordinance (VUV)
Accident Insurance Act (UVG)
Criminal Code (StGB)