Our concept is based on 4 principles:

  1. Theory in Practice
    Theoretical background should be introduced during every exercise though practical demonstrations and not lectured to death in a classroom.
  2. No Empty Minutes
    There is nothing more unproductive than having one person actually do the work, while everyone else passively looks on.
    In a well-planned training, the participants should always have something productive to do.
  3. Electricity-Free Training
    The Training may be taught with slides on a beamer or overhead projector. But all of the slides / transparencies will be designed for a parallel function of a workplace safety poster where no electricity is needed.
  4. Basic module + Trade-Specific and Rescue Modules
    The basic module (personal safety equipment- Introduction and main uses) should be the same for all trainees, regardless of trade or background, including basic rescue downwards. For advanced modules, trade-specific exercises should be developed to best cover the needs of the client company. Special rescue requires a completely separate module.